individual action
into collective impact.

Moodefy is your accountability ecosystem for organizing, activating, and inspiring your team and community to take actions that drive measurable social change.

Use Moodefy to unify your community around a common goal and inspire change in three simple steps:

How it Works

Collective impact

made simple.

Moodefy organizes your department and grassroots activities to provide clearly defined pathways for teams and community members to get involved to make real change happen.

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Envisioning a better tomorrow? Moodefy it, today.

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Get the insights you’ve always wanted

Track individual member activity across tools and platforms. Measure the collective progress transforming a shared vision into reality.

Increase accountability

to action 

Schedule automatic notifications to remind members to act before deadlines. Send direct messages to check-in with members who get “stuck” along the way or have questions.

Simplify your

impact reporting

Streamline your individual, team, and community level data collection into one place. Share reports with key stakeholders and funders. Export data for your own evaluations.


the vision

Describe the initiative and activities that achieve the vision.


Measure the impact

Track the individual and collective progress toward actualizing the vision.


Activate the change

Invite your team or community to subscribe and take action.


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Create customizable forms to capture member activity from surveys to RSVPs. Build forms from templates created by our community. Connect to your favorite or popular platforms.

Design custom activity trackers